Electricity is great. It helps us through so much time of the day, that it is hard to imagine a life without. How can we maintain affordable electricity for ourselves and also for our children? That is why solar power is so awesome. The energy is sent to earth free of charge, there are no smelly or noisy emissions while solar generators are in operation, the used materials are non-toxic and solar power scales big time. Using solar power is like doing sports. You may have the best running shoes, but going for a run to feel better is up to you. Someone who guides you with advise, motivation and practical tips may work wonders. We are this someone for solar power. People love solar power. We show you how solar power can make your life easier.

Das [sic!] hat bei den ClimateLaunchpad Workshops wirklich tolle Arbeit geleistet. Ein junges und dynamisches Team, mit Freude und Leidenschaft!