Climate Launchpad 2019

„Fixing climate change, one start-up at a time.“

ClimateLaunchpad is the world’s largest green business
ideas competition. The mission is to unlock Europe’s potential for innovation that addresses climate change. ClimateLaunchpad creates a stage for those ideas.

[sic!] – students innovation centre is organizing the pre-selections in Austria for the 4th time already. Our program will help you get your idea battle-proof and ready to rock the National Final with the chance to access the Regional and Global Final!

Do you have a Green Business or CleanTech Idea? Are you passionate about innovation and technology? Do you want to turn your idea into an actual business? But you also have doubts, a thousand “how to…” questions and are currently going in circles with your project?

That’s where we come in.

We offer training, coaching, and support. We give you the extra push to refine your idea and mentor you to get rid of flaws in your business plan by asking the rights questions and leading you to the answers. During the intensive 4-days program, you will:

  • review your skills
  • find your value proposition
  • define your target group
  • learn about impact measurement
  • perform customer validation
  • perfect your pitch
  • and much more.

ClimateLaunchpad welcomes innovations in renewable energy, energy efficiency, food and agriculture, water, transportation, industrial technology or any other way to tackle climate change. Anyone who wants to actively take part and be a changemaker is more than welcome.

Join the green business revolution. Join this powerful network.

ClimateLaunchpad 2019 – Agenda

From a Founder’s Dream to the National Final in a few steps:

  1. Deadline for application: April 19th
  2. Bootcamp: 4th and 5th of May, Vienna
  3. Workshop-Day 1: 25th of May, Vienna
  4. Workshop-Day 2: 8th of June, Vienna
  5. National Final: 19th of June, Vienna
  6. Regional Final: November, Baku, Azerbaijan
  7. Grand Global Final: November, Netherlands, Amsterdam

The Winners are

This year instead of a first and a second place, we had 2 first places, because it was a hard decision:

1st place:

SEMINA from Michael, Larissa, David, Simon

1st place:

Cyclig from Flavio and Martin

Audience Award:

went to Rephil

The Final-Teams


There is a lack of transparency for individuals to evaluate their constant footprint to climate change.

The idea is to create an app that blends:

  • gamification of a CO2 tracker like tamagotchi „daily impact“
  • an app that is similar to runtastic / pinterest where your one-time improvements can be shared with your community.
  • when your one-time change if repeated for X amount of times becomes a “habit” like a badge.
  • Saved Co2 or money can be invested in renewable projects „following“ & „crowdfunding“
  • (Pokemon) which again will impact your ranking on climate impact.

City Jungle

City jungle makes it its mission to bring nature back to the cities.
By making unused vertical surface usable to tackel climate change with sustainable resources and
the power of plants.


Our purpose is the fabrication of a lignin based fertilizer. The biopolymer lignin, which is a main component of wood resumes as by-product of the pulp and paper industry. It can be enriched with nitrogen to build up soil organic matter and used as a fertilizer with slow nitrogen release properties.

Solar & Sea

Solar & Sea is a concept to harvest and store PV power on the high sea with converted cargo ships. The ships lay flexible and self floating organic PV foil on the ocean surface and convert the collected power into CO 2 neutral and transportable hydrocarbon using Powerto-X technology on the ship. Due to the mobility of the ships, they always operate in areas with highest solar radiation on earth.

Green Chain Logistics (GCL)

GCL is a B2B platform that connects businesses, with transport companies that offer CO2 neutral transport, or has a very low level of GHG emissions. The mode of transport is verified by sensors that track the products and the information is saved in the Blockchain. Finally, the product receives
a quality seal and a QR code the end customer can scan and check the mode of transport, and its GHG emission savings.


We are tackling the waste that stems from single-use take away boxes through a circular system for reusable food containers. We are acting as a middleman who provides restaurants with reusable boxes, handles their logistical distribution and the washing process.


We play change and will produce educational media content presented by role-models on modern channels in The FUNKY way in order to reach the goal of personal development through playful learning and the purpose of that all is to have more people doing more sustainable decisions in the future.

Shark Bike

We are going to change the mobility sector towards a sustainable e-mobility because we believe in the pioneer’s spirit in all of us. We are combining the advantages of electric cars and bicycles in one product, the SHARK-Bike and will potentially save 1,24 million tons of CO2 annually in Austria.

The Precious

Changing consumer & business perceptions towards waste. Realise that “waste” is a valuable raw material for other processes. Promoting Circular Economy practices in big cities throughout the world. Using waste to produce food and medicine in controlled environment agriculture, using closed loop Indoor Urban Agriculture.


We revolutionize the access to clean cook stoves. By developing mobile workspaces, sharing the technology and production techniques for our affordable super-efficient stoves. For the people who need it the most, we created a financing-model by generating CO2-Certificates.

Gravitational Tower

The Gravitational Tower aims to produce energy out of falling masses. It is independent of any other source of energy.

Hemp Holds

We develop indoor climbing holds out of natural resources and waste materials in order to provide an alternative to conventional holds based on quartz sand and epoxy resin. The surface shows a natural appearance and grip, which offers the climber a new training alternative.

The Sustainability Adventure

Our idea is an innovative multi-stakeholders education project that turns travelers into Sustainable-Development-Goal(SDG)-Reporters. During their cooperative, CO2-friendly journey, they are on a mission to find global sustainability challenges and inspirational SDG solutions and share them via social media via story-telling with partner classes at home as well as with political decision-makers.
During the journey, co-produced SDG-impact maps with documentation of all explored local and global SDG challenges are created, collecting concrete hope-giving solutions to sustainability.

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ClimateLaunchpad was established in 2014 and is part of the entrepreneurship offerings of
EIT Climate-KIC and operates on a global scale, currently in over 40 countries.

We would like to thank our sponsors and partners:

ERGO, Öko Business Wien, BOKU, TUtheTOP Alumni Club, Wirtschaftsagentur Wien, The Blue Minds Company, Impact Hub, INiTS, ECN, Der Brutkasten, OEAD – Wohnraumverwaltungs GmbH and RCE Vienna.